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Talking Trading Gold - The Second Year
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Year 2 - Talking Trading Gold is the Place for Passionate Traders

We've loved bringing you Talking Trading Gold for the past year.

It's time to renew. We have one more year of this service to bring you, including in-depth interviews with:

Ashley Jessen - Mechanical trading expert

Gary Stone - A pioneer of trading system design in Australia

Harry Stanton - to achieve peak performance

Daryl Guppy - One of Australia's Market Wizards

... and many more...

As you know, it's the least expensive ongoing training that Chris Tate and Louise Bedford have ever produced.

It’s like getting a trading audio book, delivered to your in-box, every month. (Except it’s only the equivalent of $24.82 per month, which is a lot cheaper than any audio product we have EVER released in the past. All of our CD sets are at least triple the price.)

It’s the place for passionate traders, and I know you’ll be right at home. You’ll devour these final 12 months of monthly interviews, because they’re with top traders, brokers and money managers in Australia and overseas who have the cajones to drive you towards trading success.

What You Get...

As a member of the Talking Trading Gold club, you'll receive:

  • An in-depth, 1-hour, expert interview with a spectacular trader for 12 more months
  • A 'wake-up call' email each month for 12 months

A word of caution...

The sharemarket is a strange beast. I've been training traders for long enough to see what happens to those who try to tame it all on their own.

It’s now or never.

Stop giving yourself reasons to fail.

Continue your involvement in the Talking Trading club. By listening to these expert monthly interviews, you’ll discover ‘golden nuggets’ to inspire your trader’s soul.

Simply invest $297 now and get instant membership for the next 12 months.

This is incredible value for money and works out to be just $24.75 a month, or around just 82 cents a day. It's less than half the cost of a cappuccino a day.

This is a tiny decision... but potentially... a life-changing decision.

No matter what stage of trading you are at… whether you are starting out or you are a seasoned pro or any stage in between… I thoroughly believe Talking Trading Gold is where you should be.

Continue for your 2nd year.

This club gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to trade predictably and profitably time and time again.

You'll know at a glance what's working now and what isn't. Which means no more guess work. No more sleepless nights. And no more doubts either.

Continue your Talking Trading Gold membership right now and I'll see you on the inside.

$297.00(inc GST)