Reading Between the Lines

Technical analysis involves using historical price and volume data to predict market movements. It can be applied in markets ranging from wheat to the latest speculative craze, cryptocurrencies. One Bitcoin pundit, for example, recently discussed the appearance of an “inverse head and shoulder breakout” after the digital currency surged 10% within 24 hours, claiming that “…BTC is trading well…

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10,000 Hours With Claude Shannon

For the last five years, we lived with one of the most brilliant people on the planet. Sort of. See, we just published the biography of Dr. Claude Shannon. He’s the most important genius you’ve never heard of, a man whose intellect was on par with Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. We spent five years with him.…

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52 Week Highs And All That Jazz

I have been reading lately about the somewhat energetic run on the S&P 500 – it appears as if the investment world is all a twitter over the fact that the S&P 500 is making quite a few of them. As with all things history is our best guide to whether what we are seeing…

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You Will Get What You Want…..Eventually

This week has been one of reflection brought on by observing various friends and acquaintances in various stages of their lives. This scrutiny has reinforced in me one of my core beliefs and that is that everybody, barring some major catastrophe eventually gets what they want out of their life. Want a shit relationship chances…

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The Dead Weight of Misplaced Beliefs

I have lost count of the number of times I have deadlifted in my life. If there were a single exercise that I would prescribe for everyone it would be deadlifting. Nothing beats the athletic payoff derived from picking something up off the floor and then putting it down again. I always looked forward to…

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Someone with brains….Thank God…

I am so glad that this years winner was someone whose intelligence and contribution will span more than their own life. I am also pleased that it didnt go to some moron whose only contribution to society was either running, jumping, catching or kicking a ball as sports people have been over represented in this…

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Why Academics Are Not Rich.

I really shouldn’t have a go at academics since that was a career path I once aspired to. Despite my failed career aspirations they do always seem to be late to the party and when they get there they have brought Captain Obvious as a date. As an example consider the abstract from this piece…

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Let Me Tell You Some More About Bitcoin—Hello? Hello?

And I thought crossfitters and vegans were annoying…… Raphaela Lucsok put up with her husband investing about $100 in bitcoin that the couple couldn’t afford. She didn’t argue when he quit his stable job for a bitcoin startup and even went along with his insistence to eat only at the (very few) restaurants that accept the…

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